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City Walk Dubai is divided into two key, full phases from a price point of view at a macro level:

The First Stage:

It is made up of “blocks” facing the Boulevard. These blocks are sequenced as 1, 2-A, 2-B, 3-A, 3-B, 4-A, 4-B, 5, 6-A, 6-B, 7, 8, 9, 10-A, 10-B, 11-A, 11-B, 12, 13-A, 13-B, 14, 15, 16 houses respectively. Yet, it is necessary to recognize that a particular block may consist of two buildings in some cases: one directly on the Boulevard and the other back to back.

The Second Stage:

It stretches to Al Albany, the main road behind Masaya Hub, from the finish of the lane, “being the far edge of the City Walk Mall.

The apartments on the central Boulevard are naturally more expensive than the apartments found in phase two. It is therefore essential to distinguish these processes. Taking each step separately, let’s look at the variables that mainly influence each phase’s price per square foot.

Step ONE-Apartments for CITY WALK DUBAI (in order of impact):


It is primarily defined by the proximity of the building to the City Walk Mall. Being situated next to the mall is considered a significant gain. The further away from the mall, you drive, the lower the prices would get.


The “View” effect will drive prices up massively; if we equate the least desirable idea to the most stunning scenery in a single house, 25 percent more. Read below to send you a general guideline on this significant price parameter:

— View of the Neighborhood (facing another building): about 5 percent higher

— View of the Swimming Pool: roughly 5 percent higher than the neighborhood view

— Skyline and views of Burj Khalifa / Dubai Arena / Jumeirah View / Park

(up and coming): approximately 10 percent higher than group view

— Boulevard view: about 20% to 25% higher than the idea of the community:

Floor number:

In general, except for the first floor, which benefits from getting direct access in individual buildings to the pool area, each floor you increase comes with a 1 % to 2% premium.


The more appealing the apartment layout is, the higher the price per sqft, with a wide variety of designs on sale at CITY WALK DUBAI.

Other factors influencing the pricing strategy:

Wherever you want to invest in Property Developers in Dubai, buyers can pay the full price of the balcony size per square foot. However, in some situations, a buyer can find properties that have low fees. Deals can be found at City Walk, as low as AED 1650 DHS per sqft. These apartments have extra-large balconies branded as “amazing offers” that account for 30 percent plus the apartment’s overall size. The average price per sqft has, thus, been substantially lowered. It should be remembered that if you find a radically lower price per sqft, the average cost of the apartment is always, if not still, higher than the market for similar types of units.

 Step TWO (in order of impact) City Walk Apartments:

For Phase Two, all of the above factors influencing the price of Phase One units are also applicable to Phase Two, except for the boulevard-view companies. Generally speaking, Phase Two apartments are 7 percent to 10 percent lower in value than Phase One apartments.

It is also possible to consider the above as a general guideline for the City Walk Project’s pricing strategy.

Étape DEUX (par ordre d’impact) Appartements City Walk:

Pour la phase deux, tous les facteurs ci-dessus qui influent sur le prix des unités de la phase un s’appliquent également à la phase deux, à l’exception des sociétés boulevard-view. De manière générale, la valeur des appartements de la phase deux est de 7 à 10% inférieure à celle des appartements de la phase 1.

Il est également possible de considérer ce qui précède comme une ligne directrice générale pour la stratégie de tarification du projet City Walk.

On average, the price per square foot of City Walk Dubai is AED 1,900 sq. ft on average. Some excellent units, with few exceptions, can reach up to 2500 DHS per sqft. However, it can be troublesome to use the price per square foot method to measure residential units’ worth at City Walk, particularly for a first-time home-buyer or investor. Let’s find out why.